Intercultural Tales

Learning with Maryland’s Immigrant Communities

with Dr. Tania Lizarazo

Intercultural Tales is rooted in our own need to connect with local communities as part of not only our interest in community-engaged scholarship, but also in our personal need for connection and rebuilding our own community when we moved to Baltimore in 2015. This project, funded by a Hrabowski Innovation Fund Grant, hoped to bring UMBC students studying Spanish or Global Studies into collaboration with immigrants in the local community to coproduce digital stories of the immigrants’ experiences. While the 2016 elections transformed our project, students have enhanced their language skills and cultural competence while challenging the community/university false binary.

Check out our publication “Learning with Maryland’s Immigrant Communities: Digital Storytelling as Community Engagement.” Vol 14, No 1 (2022). The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education.

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